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Dellos F&B (Co.) has the production facilities which are best fitted for healthy and fresh products for our valuable customers. Our facilities are optimized to produce fruit juice in structure and system. Every resource passes pre-treatment and our craftsmanship is focused on making perfect and safe products with customer-centered mind, not admitting any faults.

   Production capability  

18,000bottle/H 396,000/DAY, based on Juice and granule juice 500ML PET of 300BPM, 72,000 bottle/H 158,400 bottle/DAY, based on 1.5L PET of 120BPM

   Producible PET  

  • 500ML: circular, rectangular (HALF, FULL LABEL)
  • 1.5L: circular, rectangular (HALF, FULL LABEL)
  • 430ML: our own mould (OVER CAP, FULL LABEL)

   Packaging capability

  • WRAP-AROUND BOX ①500ML * 20   ②1.5L * 12 (or 6)
  • SHRINK FILM packaging ①500ML * 4, 6, 12   ②1.5L * 6, 12(SHRINL FILM + OUTER BOX)
  • Our shrink vinyl packaging center provides many options in determining quantity and form. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and you can get more information.