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Dellos F&B Co.,Ltd.

+ About us

Dellos F&B Co., Ltd. manufactures and exports various kinds of fruit juice, and functional beverages based on accumulated experiences and technical capabilities.

Dellos F&B constructed a solid food distribution network in Western Europe, Oceania, Russia, Middle Asia, and Northern Africa based on specialization and reliability, and also advanced to the new markets, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America. Dellos endeavors to grow into a global F&B company.

Dellos Premium Juice

Dellos is a product containing the love for fruits gifted by nature, and adding “pleasure” to the essential requirements of fruit drinks such as taste, nutriention, and quality of fruits based on our technical capabilities.

The fruits matured with soft and warm sunlight stay fresh for a long time even in cans. To maintain the fruits’ original textures, the fresh grains of fruit are mixed to provide customers with the happiness of drinking.

Dellos Export

Dellos F&B is a global brand of juice drinks exported to overseas markets.
We will be a company that is loved by consumers with good quality and new taste.

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